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Basic Firearm and Defensive Skills and Training Discussion Section.
Warm holiday wishes to you all,
Looking to use up an Amazon gift card, I decided to purchase some targets that I would have been more hesitant to purchase with my own money. One of them was from Thompson Targets - a 25x38 3D Bad Guy. Was $22 for 10 targets (an ominous bald guy), and the 3D clip-on glasses.
I didn't set my hopes high, figuring this would be more "novelty" than anything else. The targets themselves are decent enough for life-like bad guys, but found using the glasses cumbersome for dry fire practice, and not certain the 3D aspect of the target provides any practical training benefit. I found myself too distracted with the glasses, and the off ambient coloring because of them. I'll still enjoy using the targets without the glasses, so it's by no means a total loss.
Was curious to know if anyone else has experimented with 3D targets, and what their experiences were?

As a side note, I seem to focus and enjoy my dry fire and live shooting using bad guy style targets (both the real people photo's and decent human renderings). My interest isn't in competition shooting, but in self-defense shooting, and using this target type keeps me very focused on my drills; I just seem to approach it more seriously. I prefer the bad guy targets that have unobtrusive center mass targets overlaid on them so I can more easily track proficiency after each range session.

Very much looking forward to hearing comments from the more seasoned shooters on the above subjects.

Thanks very much, great to have you back online! :smile:

Neil b-)
Interesting, haven't seem them. I like splatter targets as you get instant feedback.

Most 3D stuff doesn't work for me as I am legally blink in my right eye. That makes life interesting for a right handed shooter.

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