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By zeda3000
SAR9 always have soft recoil spring. To be honest i have bad memory with Sarsilmaz. I had alot of problem with Sarsilmaz Shotguns. After that i stop with brand name. In Turkey most of Police dep like SAR9. They says very good shooting in real operation and easy to pull trigger.

But i like Canik , cause they are focus in one base model. TP9 . All efort and all R&D only for TP9.
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By Weapon
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Sun May 19, 2019 3:16 pm @Weapon, have you taken a look to see what sights will fit on this? I'd love to at least change out the front sight.
So far as I know it uses a proprietary sight cut but some companies are supposedly going to release sights for it.
Thanks for the warning...I will have to keep an eye on this...haven't had it happen, but I don't have that many rounds through either of mine.
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By zeda3000
Sarsilmaz has no comment about this video yet. Some people says this Sarsilmaz speacility and some people says this is absoulty problem in production. If you push the magazine very hard , this is happening. I read it some Turkish comments , to much Turkish users have same problem.
By ashort
Sar Usa is I guess what you would call the sister company to Canik. all I know for sure is, that Canik and Sar put together I think was the Canik Tp9 Elite Combat Executive, you know the Canik TP9 with all the Gold parts. all in all that is all I know about Sar, but for the price you cant go wrong, just think at least it's not a Hi-Point and has to be much much better. Oh Yeah and I forgot to say Awesome review, it actually swayed me to invest into a Sar 9
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By Badgerboy
It's now years since the post on the mag problem in SAR 9's. I still haven't seen this problem in my SAR pistols. I don't have a ton more rounds through, but my SAR 9 has seen more range time than my other machines. It is still a reliable tank for me and one of my frequent companions in the truck.

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